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"At Empower Physical Therapy in Exton, we believe that life is movement and movement is life. You don’t have to live with pain and dysfunction as long as we are here with the experience, resources and hands-on expertise to help you get through it."

- Rachel Miller PT, MSPT, WCS, CFMT™


- Physical therapy is the number one treatment for vaginal (pelvic floor) pain.
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- Philadelphia Inquirer article about physical therapy for scoliosis.
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When you need advanced physical therapy, you need highly skilled therapists with advanced training. Founder Rachel Miller PT, MSPT, WCS, CFMT is board-certified in Women’s health through the American Physical Therapy Association. She has over 15 years of experience with pelvic and spinal pain, incontinence, pre- and postnatal conditions, knee and shoulder problems, sports injuries and headaches.

Rachel is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist™ (CFMT), an advanced clinical certification currently bestowed on only a handful of therapists in Pennsylvania. This integrated and seamless treatment system couples manual physical therapy with active patient movement to get optimal and quick results. FMT can be comparable to the chiropractic approach called active release therapy (ART). The benefits of FMT include specific exercise- and physical therapy-provided resistance training to eliminate pain.

Theresa Feola PT, WCS is certified in Women’s Health through the American Physical Therapy Association. Theresa has close to 30 years of physical therapy experience; the last 15 years have been dedicated exclusively to all pelvic dysfunctions in both males and females. She continues to partake in extensive specialty continuing education.

Andrea Yaktus PT, DPT, C1 cert. is now one of only three Schroth Scoliosis Certified Physical Therapists in Pennsylvania. This is the ONLY three-dimensional method of treating and improving the curve of the spine. If we are able to identify small curvatures through early screening before the maximal progression period in an adolescence growth spurt, then we can prevent further progression of curvature when it is most crucial to prevent surgery. The critical time frame is between 9-10 y/o for screening.

Gina Cunningham PT, DPT is an executive board member of the Men’s Pelvic Health Organization through Herman and Wallace, to promote public and health care knowledge of pelvic disorders. Gina treats both female and male pelvic health conditions including pain and incontinence. She also treats a range of orthopedic cases and participates in numerous continuing education courses with an emphasis on expanding her manual skills. She received her Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy through the American Physical Therapy Association. This certifies her completion of a comprehensive training program in the management of those diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction. Gina will be sitting for her Board Certification in Women’s Health in 2016.

Rachel and her associates welcome male and female patients who have had difficulty getting results elsewhere. You can trust that they have the training, clinical skill and experience to return you to a full life without pain or limitations.


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