Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) affects an estimated 6 million children in the United States. Following many of the 600,000 scoliosis-related physician appointments made each year, 30,000 children are put into a brace and 38,000 patients undergo complex spinal fusion surgery.

What if there was a better way?

In the US, physical therapy has been underutilized for scoliosis. At Empower, we’ve seen the visible difference that the Schroth Method can make. With targeted therapy, we’ve transformed numerous spines and kept many patients out of the operating room.

What is the Schroth Method?

The Schroth Method of muscle education is the only form of treatment that directly addresses the complex, three-dimensional deformity of the spine and trunk. Through active muscle contraction and breathing, we reduce the postural deformity and promote muscular control to reduce progression of the spine’s curve during growth spurts.

Schroth Method for Adults

If you are an adult currently diagnosed with scoliosis, The Schroth Method can be incorporated into an individualized physical therapy program based on your needs. Patients diagnosed with new onset scoliosis or previously diagnosed Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) can benefit from the Schroth treatment techniques to help create a neutral posture and reduce the forces on the spine. The treatments are varied based on pain and additional orthopedic issues and tend to progress slower than the adolescent program to accommodate the adult spine. Please feel free to call if you have questions regarding the program.

No need for a referral with Direct Access

When you're injured, there's no time to waste – you need fast pain relief and a treatment plan that will get you back to your life and work. That's why patients do not need a physician's referral or prescription to begin physical therapy.

All patients have Direct Access to Empower's physical therapists without a prescription or referral. We are qualified to evaluate your condition and begin your treatment right away. Waiting for an appointment with your physician can delay your treatment, causing stiffness, weakness and immobility to set in and make your recovery more difficult. Save time (and the copay) at your doctor's office, and come see us directly to start your therapy as soon as possible.