Women’s Health

“The personal care and expertise that Rachel and the staff at Empower Physical Therapy provided to me well exceeded my expectations. In the midst of dealing with the stress of infertility, I found myself looking forward to my appointments as the staff and environment at the clinic was mentally, physically, and emotionally supportive. During a time that I was seeing many different fertility doctors, Rachel was the only one who took an interest in my physical pain and fluctuating hormonal symptoms. Rachel’s wealth of knowledge and commitment to my health ultimately led to a significant decrease in my symptoms and a much needed improvement in my overall quality of life. I am now 8 weeks pregnant after only one fresh cycle of IVF and I believe my time under Rachel’s care was instrumental in making my infertility journey a short one.”

-Sarah L.

“After years of pelvic pain, several dismissals from physicians, and hitting rock bottom, a friend referred me to Empower to obtain some answers. From my initial visit, I finally received a diagnosis, treatment options, and how to get my life back. Over the course of my time with Empower, I was made a top priority & they thoroughly investigated all aspects of life impacting this disease. Gina is an absolute godsend, and she went above & beyond every session to tackle this chronic condition. In addition, my chronic running injuries were solved after several PT’s had told me to chose a different hobby. If you’re looking for specialists in women’s pelvic floor dysfunction, a calming & non judgmental environment, and the most advanced treatment plan, then this is this the place! Thank you for opening my eyes to a life, which I never knew I could obtain.”

-Allison L.

“I met Rachel in 2011 after being diagnosed with, what at the time, had seemed like two devastating disorders. I was scared, panicked, angry, and unbelievably sensitive to pain. My first words to Rachel were, “if you touch my low back I may pass out.” Since then I have received countless injection and medication treatments through my specialist doctor, as well as physical therapy at Empower. The combination of those treatments and the physical therapy is the reason I am mostly pain free today. Honestly, though I know the medication did help in some ways, the physical therapy is the real reason my health is in such a great place today. It took me almost three years of PT and other treatments, but I am finally living mostly without pain. Empower taught me exercises and stretches to help keep myself that way. And it’s fantastic!! The support and encouragement from Rachel, Gina, and the rest of the staff helped me to work hard and reach my goal of a healthier life. Pain doesn’t have to control your life and it no longer controls mine!”

-Ashley T.

“Gina was my therapist and immediately I felt comfortable discussing very personal, physical issues with her. She was always professional and helped me to see that my condition was normal, people just don’t tend to discuss it openly. Gina pushed me to do work to improve my physical well-being and reach my goals. I appreciate the work that she did with me every day; it has really changed my quality of life. Thank you to Gina and all of the friendly, helpful staff of Empower!!”

-Sonya L.

“I had impressive results with Empower Physical Therapy. They handled my personal dilemma with grace and understanding. They were encouraging and upbeat during the process, which was so helpful and natural for me to want to put forth the effort to improve my situation. It was a positive experience where I could thrive.”

-Judy S.

“After completing eight weeks of physical therapy with Rachel for problems due to scoliosis and osteopenia, I noted significant improvements in my posture, flexibility and balance. Throughout the sessions I felt confident in Rachel’s expertise and personalized interest in her patient’s success.”

-Ann D.

“I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 4 years ago. My primary complaints are frequency of urination and pain after voiding. As long as I do my exercises every other day, my symptoms are so minor that I barely feel them or don’t have them at all. Physical Therapy is the best treatment method for me!”

-Allison S.

“After being in the care of a Chiropractor for 6 months, I was still having pelvic pain from my previous pregnancy and delivery. Within 3 months of treatment at Empower Physical Therapy, I was virtually pain free! Thank you to the wonderful and caring staff at EPT for allowing me and enabling me to live an active and pain free life raising my family.”

-Carrie P.

“I contacted Empower as I needed to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and learn Kegels because of pelvic organ prolapse. I also had been having lower back problems. I was apprehensive at first but Theresa put me at ease with her upbeat personality and understanding of my problems. At each session, I was given exercises to do plus, instruction sheets of the exercises to do at home. After 10 weekly sessions, I was pleased with the results and felt that I had the tools to continue on my own. I am very grateful for Theresa’s help and encouragement. I would definitely recommend Theresa and Empower Physical Therapy.”

-Pat S.

I am pleased to report that after more than five years of pain and confusion, I am able to get on with my life. After many visits to many different OBGYN’s, searching for help for pelvic pain due to cystocele, I finally found Empower Physical Therapy. Gina assessed my unique situation and helped me understand what was causing the pain. She provided treatment and exercises to help me navigate to an end result of a pain free life. Gina is a great coach. Wish I had known about them years ago. I highly recommend this group.

-Deb M.

I must admit that the IC diagnosis/Pelvic Floor Dysfunction diagnosis scared me quite a bit (especially when you read and research on the internet and see all the bad/scary stuff and not always the good stuff). After getting over my initial fears and some painful sessions thanks to the trigger points I had, PT was a wonderful treatment option! Your practice was wonderful. Anyway, here is a little testimonial to the great work you do! Thank you so much!

-Dorothy B.

I had peripheral neuropathy and was treated by Theresa. She was great help and I made significant improvement. All the members of the staff are friendly and helpful. I look forward to my weekly treatment.

-Claire R.

Men’s Health

“I would like to provide the highest praise possible for Empower Physical Therapy and Rachel Miller. After countless trips to the urologist, and to the hospital, I was given the option to seek out a pelvic floor specialist.

I walked into Empower Physical Therapy confused about my condition and in severe pain. Rachel quickly educated me on what was transpiring in my pelvic floor. After 6 months of turmoil, I finally had relief both physically and mentally, which was incredible. I have Rachel to thank for this.

She provided me top-notch insight on the causes and management of my pain. She is truly gifted and most importantly, helped me get my life back.”

-Justin C.

“Following Radical Prostatectomy, my surgeon- Donald Anderson- recommended Physical Therapy for overcoming incontinence. After six sessions (over two months) I recovered enough to reduce absorbent underwear to one per day. I am convinced that Theresa Feola greatly aided me in learning how to retrain and strengthen critical muscles.”

– William W.

“Complications from Prostate surgery left me with little bladder control. Empower devised an exercise program to train core muscles to control bladder function. In less than 10 weeks, I have regained 99% bladder control, as well as my pride and dignity. Thanks Empower.”

–George H.

“I’ll never forget the day my urologist told me she thought I had Male Pelvic Pain Syndrome. I had spent 4-6 weeks in bed and test after test, and pill after pill, I still had abdominal discomfort and terrible testicular pain. I thought to myself “well I never heard of this malady, but tell me what kind of pill I should take and how many days before I feel Better.” Instead, she told me I needed physical therapy and recommended Empower Physical Therapy and specifically, Theresa Feola, who were very experienced in helping both men and women with this rare condition. I must admit I was somewhat hesitant about my first visit, but three months later I have made huge progress and am starting to feel like I am going to get through this. The whole staff of Empower Physical Therapy has been extremely compassionate and the office is very professionally run. It’s Theresa, however, that my story is about. She has manipulated my muscles in ways that are difficult to put into words, and then sent me home with dozens of different stretches, exercises and relaxation techniques. I have worked very hard to get to this level of improvement and am looking forward to the day when this condition is behind me. At that point I believe I will be able to honestly say that (along with my wife who has taken care of me every day for 6 months), Theresa (and Empower Physical Therapy) has been the single most important piece in the 15 or so doctors and Specialists that I have seen who has given me my life back”.

-Howard G.

I just wanted to say thanks! I have only had two sessions so far with Gina but just knowing that I have found a place that is able to help me overcome my pain has made me feel so much better. Prostatitis is such a poorly misunderstood issue that so many men face. The fact that you are providing this service is outstanding! Your staff is professional and friendly! I am so happy I found Empower to allow me to regain my life. I look forward to the journey to a happier pelvic floor. Thanks to you and your team!!

-Sean S.

Theresa and Gina have become our “Family PT Team” having provided great services over at least 3 separate PT courses of therapy– for both adult and teenager members of our family. I have always been pleased with their explanations, their approach, and their clinical knowledge is amazing. I always leave a session impressed with the results. They are always enthusiastic, thorough, and just pleasant to see on a regular basis. I highly recommend either member of this “team” for anyone looking to receive top notch personal care that gets results.

-Ed S.


“I first came to Empower Physical Therapy when I was unable to walk due to extensive hike/running (in mountains). After being told by several specialists that I would never run or hike again, and having had unsatisfactory results from physical therapy in the past, I am still stunned that Rachel had me walking normally, running, and hiking within just a few months of therapy.

After this brilliant success, I decided to address other ailments caused by extreme workouts (kickboxing, crossfit, etc.). I began working with Gina, who for the past 4 years, has not only successfully treated everything I’ve thrown at her, but has also taught me self-care so that I have been able to keep myself strong and pain-free when putting my body under physical duress.

Empower Therapy provides individualized care in a one-on-one setting, bringing together exceptional expertise and passion for empowering patients to reach their fullest potential. In the past five years, I have run races, climbed volcanoes in South America, am currently teaching kick boxing, and have taken up rock climbing. I am 58 years old. I am convinced that I would not be able to do most, if not all of these activities, if I weren’t under the care of Empower Therapy. I have truly been empowered to grow physically stronger and healthier. Thank you Empower!”

-Robin A.

“I’ve been very busy enjoying life and all of the fun activities that a strong, healthy back afford. Golf, camping, coaching, fishing, traveling and everything else that being a Dad of 3 young kids entails. When I think of Rachel and Empower, there are three main things that come to mind:

1) Everyone on the staff at EPT has always been extremely polite, courteous and accommodating. You come across as a close knit family.
2) Deep knowledge of practitioners. I can’t say enough! You’re educational background, commitment to continue learning and devotion to the needs of the community are amazing. You have helped me well beyond any other Physical Therapist or doctor for that matter.
3) 360 degree caring. You helped me with very practical advice that was always on point and relevant to everyday life. From how to get in and out of the car to techniques for playing with my kids. I can’t say enough.”

-Chuck H.

“I sought treatment at Empower Physical Therapy in 2005, after a disappointing experience with another local therapy center. My experience with Rachel and her staff was so positive that I have recommended Empower to anyone I encounter with physical limitations. Rachel treats the whole person, and is skilled in manual muscle therapy, therapeutic exercise, postural corrections, and work stressors in addition to traditional PT modalities. Over the past 5 years, I have had occasions and circumstances that necessitated intermittent follow-up with Rachel. I am never disappointed in the services of Empower and consider those services essential to my continued functioning at work (I am close to retirement age), at the gym and with my very active grandchildren. Thanks Empower!”

-Denise C., M.S., CRC

“After trying unsuccessfully for a year and a half to determine the source of a pain I had been experiencing, my doctor suggested that it might be muscular in nature. He thought I should try physical therapy to see if that might isolate the problem and stop the pain. On the very first visit, Rachel was able to locate the problem and reduce the pain significantly. The periodic visits and home exercise regiment quickly eased the pain to a very manageable level and have subsequently almost eliminated it completely. I continue to do stretching exercises and strength training at home. I would like to thank the Empower Physical Therapy staff for making the time I spent with them enjoyable, informative and for restoring my quality of life. I would strongly recommend them for anyone requiring physical therapy. I know that they will receive the same high level of expertise and commitment that I was given.”

–Tim D

“Thank you so much for helping me survive my foot injury! I have been through physical therapy in the past for other injuries, but I have never experience the kind of one on one attention and serious thought and patience you provided for me as well as your other patients. Your knowledge and abilities are outstanding! Your practice is definitely a cut above the rest. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such kind, caring, professional and highly knowledgeable therapists.
With a grateful heart and much appreciation!”

-Rita C.


“I highly recommend Rachel Miller and the team at Empower for all PT needs. ACL surgery and subsequent lack of movement impacted other areas of my body – my back and my ankle. I had been working with other PT’s but was frustrated with their assembly line approach and also my lack of progress. Rachel conducted a complete assessment and was able to diagnose the linkage between my back, hip, knee and ankle issues. She educated me on correcting the alignment of my body that would provide long-term relief. She developed a comprehensive program for me that included manual therapy in the office and exercises for me to do at home…I recovered from the knee surgery much faster than expected. Rachel’s approach is more individualized, hands on and effective than other larger PT companies. Everything from the set up of the office with individual rooms, to working with a therapist that follows your progress and understands the issues makes the experience much more productive. Rachel’s positive attitude and encouragement go a long way to keeping up with the PT regime.”

–Scott M.

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